Insurance Fraud Investigations


Insurance fraud generally consists of exaggerated or even completely false claims of damage. CAPI Consulting (CAPI) is able to help investigate claims to determine their veracity and merit. We work both with established insurance companies, as well as the self-insured or third-party agents. Our investigators proceed diligently, thoroughly and professionally to deal with any type of insurance claim. Their conclusions and the evidence they provide is often the key component in verifying a claim and deciding the ultimate outcome of a case.  

CAPI can provide the following claims investigation services: 

  • Life Insurance Claims Investigations
  • Travel Insurance Claims Investigations
  • Medical Claims Investigations
  • Theft Claim Investigations 

We, as being insurance claim Investigators, have handled many such cases and adopted the best practices which allow us to meet the specific grounds. We show you the steps that you can take to make it harder for bogus claimants to succeed and also suggest ways to handle a claim. Our services are an excellent source for detecting the difference between genuine or fake claim. If you are suspicious about a claim or want to know more about our services, kindly contact us according to your requirement respectively.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.