About Us


CAPI Consulting (CAPI) formed by a team of distinguished private investigators, professionals, and experts with diverse backgrounds. CAPI is the most reliable and trustworthy private investigation agency working in Vietnam and across Southeast Asia. CAPI provides professional investigation services to the leading local and international clients. Furthermore, CAPI provides extremely professional investigations to individuals, private companies, and corporations, attorneys, other private investigators and anyone with a case that needs professional investigation with quality and reliable results.

Our Work

CAPI Consulting is committed to providing highly ethical private investigations for corporate, government and private clients. We have experienced investigators based in all of Vietnam’s largest cities and provinces. No matter where you need information, we can be there. At the end of our investigation, we produce a high-quality confidential report in both Vietnamese and English.

Our Team

Our private investigators are made up of skilled operatives from a broad range of professional backgrounds. Each of them has extensive experience working for the police and military who are specialists in private and corporate fields. Their experience and a large number of local connections mean they can access the places and information that others can’t.

Our team brings distinct value creation perspectives for potential business maximization through a proven set of exceptionally strong investigative skills, business development, extensive investigating experience and hands-on operating approach for the most effective collaboration with our clients to achieve the ultimate goal of any clients – SUCCESS and FAST.

We maintain the highest ethics, efficiency, and discretion in the industry. No case is too large or too small. We, as professional private investigators, understand what information is most important and understand the circumstances that you are facing so that we can design a customized, cost effective and complete investigation based on client’s needs.

To find out if we can assist your requirements or you have any questions, please contact us.