Service of Process

CAPI Consulting (CAPI) serves all kind of legal/civil cases related documents like Summons, Petitions, Complaints, Divorce Papers, Commercial Documents, Subpoena, Corporate Litigation Papers, Judicial and Extra - Judicial documents in Civil and Business matter in all over Vietnam. 

CAPI provides prompt, professional and efficient service of legal papers at an affordable rate. In the event of the location of the person or company to whom the legal papers have to be served, not known, we have exclusive access to numerous databases to locate them quickly and cost effectively.

Process Serving for the below legal documents:

  • Divorce Proceedings (Dissolution of Marriage papers)
  • Family Court orders
  • Property Law Act Notices (PLA)
  • Property Related Documents
  • Statement of Claim, Notice of Proceeding
  • Protection Orders
  • High Court Proceedings
  • Witness Summons
  • Judgements
  • Insolvency related documents
  • District Court Proceedings
  • Trespass Notices
  • Orders for Examination
  • Employment Court Proceedings

Features of our Process Service:

  • Routine service (first attempt 3-5 days)
  • Notarized Affidavit (free of charge)
  • Air Mail service / Courier service (free of charge)
  • Digital photography (free of charge)
  • Rush service (Additional Cost)
  • Skip Locator Service - If address is not correct (Additional Cost)

We are always on hand to discuss your case and we will ensure that you receive a high-quality service throughout the process, keeping you updated and advising you as soon as the service has been completed.

Our Vietnam Process Servers deliver brilliant supports to enlarge the litigation obligations for meeting all legal needs of the clients. It is our great efforts to serve you best by working in your directions to give the successful service in Vietnam. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your requirement respectively.